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ZVK - Developed in Germany, produced in Europe. ZVK was founded in 1993 and employs about 500 people, 90% of them in production.

The ZELLNER Group is an European group of companies and a subsidiary of the technology company HARTING. The main areas of business in which the company operates are the manufacture and sale of passive components for LAN networks, data centers and telecommunications. The products are manufactured exclusively in European factories (Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic).

The ZELLNER Group is characterized by an optimal level of in-house production as well as the most modern production methods. The product portfolio is state-of-the-art and is constantly being expanded through in-house developed innovations. A team of 20 designers and engineers work every day to develop new innovative products and to manufacture them in series in cooperation with the group's independent and accredited test laboratory.

Productions / employees (as of 01/01/2020)

  • Assembly in fiber optic and copper technology: 350 people
  • Tool making: 50 people
  • Sheet metal processing: 40 people
  • Plastic and zinc die-casting: 10 people
  • Administration: 50 people
  • Total: 500 people

In-house production

The in-house production of products, which is maximally manufactured in Europe, is an essential part of the comprehensive product and manufacturing strategy of the ZELLNER Group. For the RJ45 Keystone (annual production volume> 5,000,000 pieces), for example, in-house production is over 90%. The user thus benefits from price security and optimal availability.

The competence and vertical range of manufacture of ZVK GmbH

Research, development, construction and design in Germany

Production plants in Germany, Czech Republic and Latvia

Tool making and production for plastic and zinc die casting technology in Germany

Production in the sheet metal processing center and varnishing in the Czech Republic

Assembly in fiber optics (trunk systems, distribution systems, patch cables, ...) in Czech Republic and Latvia

Assembly in copper technology (keystone, cabling systems, patch cables, ...) in Latvia

You can find products manufactured by ZVK in all possible trades

LAN – Cabling

Data Center


Industrial surroundings

Automobile industry

Transport facilities

Medical technology