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MONA® FTTx System

The MONA® FTTx System is a fiber management system especially developped for a high density.

As plug & play solution the MONA® System is in  patch as well as in installation area a future capable infrastructure for FTTx with an excellent service possibility.

Through PLC splitter there are up to 576 participates per unit possible. Besides PLC splitters you can also assemble the system with FWDM splitters. Also you can splice up to 144 participates.

There are also options in form of special trays to satisfy customer requests.

The trays can be assembled with 3“, 4,5“, 9“ and 18“ modules. These are available as patch, installation or splice system. Every system is available in all popular fiber types.

Easy Installation

Plug & Play

The system is completely pre-assembled in patch as well as in installation are. Thereby you are able to build a soon connection to other components. Consequently the installation is reduced to only link the plugs.

Fiber management in high density

On only 1U you can place up to 144 fibers with LC and with MTP even up to 864 fibers. Via frontal mounted cable guides the patch cables can be managed easy.

Excellent service possibilty

Dute to an easy accessibility an simplistic service is possible. The access can be occured frontal through the trays as well as backwards through the back-end. In case of an outage the connection components can be replaced without interrupt other connections.


MONA Gehäuse 1HE
MONA Gehäuse 2HE
MONA Gehäuse 4HE
  • Available in 1U, 2U and 4U
  • Color RAL7035
  • On 1U up to 3 trays can be placed
  • Depth-adjustable

Back-End & Fixation System


  • Variable Back-Ends for all 3 housing types available
    • DIY possibility to change outlet
  • Back-End for breakout or universal cables
  • Back-End for pre-assembled Trunks FODH 2
  • Color RAL7035

Fixation System

  • Toolless mounting on back-end
  • Fixation system for pre-assembled trunk cables


  • Available 3“, 4,5“, 9“ and 18“ modules
  • DIY possibility to change trays from e.g. 3“ to 4,5“
  • Color RAL7035
  • Packaging unit 3 pcs / box


Splice Modules

  • Available in 4,5“ und 9“
  • Ready for splicing with 1x12 or 2x12 pigtail sets incl. splice holder

PLC Splitter with adapoers

  • Available in 4,5“, 9“ und 18“  
  • 1:8, 1:16 or 1:32 Splitter 

PLC Splitter with fanout

  • INPUT can be choosen with LC/APC adaptor or fanout
  • OUTPUT with fanout – will be assembled on customer request
  • 1:4, 1:8, 1:16 or 1:32 splitter

FWDM + PLC Splitter

  • Available in 4,5“, 9“ and 18“ 
  • 1:8, 1:16 or 1:32 splitter



  • Labelling stripe for ports can be mounted on inside of front through magnet
  • Blind cover for 4,5“, 9“ oder 18“


  • LWL Patch cord SM LC/APC – Grade B – length on customer request
  • LWL Patch cord SM LC/PC – Grade B – length on customer request
  • LWL Patch cord MTP® Elite – length on customer request

Special solutions

There is no solutions for your application?
No problem.

Due to our in-house developpement and construction the products can be adjusted individual to your applications. E.g. the RS36 Splicetray 19“ where you can place a PLC splitter 1:32 and also 36x LC/APC pigtails. On the HK48 Spleißtray 19“ you place 48 splices on 1/3U.


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